Folding Wing Plow (FWP Series)

Rylind FWP Folding-Wing Series Plows operate with independent outer folding wings and traditional right/left angling, allowing for a multitude of different configurations for snow removal for Wheel Loaders. One Pass Snow Removal

 Rylind “FWP” Hydraulic Folding Wing Plow is a revolutionary plow for clearing snow in parking lots, airports, city streets, and any place where one pass clearing is what you are looking for. The FWP Plow goes from a standard angle plow to a box plow with two outer hydraulic folding wings on the plow. Comes in standard plow widths from 12-28 feet. Built with a 42” tall moldboard Snow Flair built in, double top thick wall square tube a-frame, flow control valves for cylinder protection, and a 3” greasable center hinge pin. Our Folding Wing Plow requires 3 open hydraulic functions to operate. Split valves and standalone valves are available. Skid shoes, and plow oscillation for uneven surfaces available. 

  • 3" Center Hinge Pin on all Models
  • 4" x 25" Cylinders
  • Heavy Duty a-Frame Oscillation (With Lockout)
  • Moldboard Snow Flair for Snow curling on a stronger dozer frame
  • Standard Highway Punch Edges Unless Requested Different
  • Carbide Insert Cutting edges available.